Physics Behind the Akashic Records and Pressure around the Mental Body

Can modern science help us realize what's behind an esoteric term “akashic records” and how it truly is associated to what most people know as their private memory? And, much more importantly, is it feasible to eliminate a damaging impact which subconsciously controlling strain has on our state of power currently?

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The on the web dictionary tells us that memory is anything that our mind makes use of to retailer and remember information and facts or, in other words, memory stores our experiences and considering patterns with the thoughts. To see the whole image and for better understanding with the memory phenomena we can turn to metaphysics and which means behind the esoteric term “akashic records”. Akashic records (from akasha the Sanskrit word for “sky”, “space”, “luminous”, or “aether”) describe a collection of thoughts, events, and emotional experiences that could be identified on the greater levels of consciousness. Contemporary science still has no proof that akashic records truly exist, nevertheless, you can find theories that seem to perfectly describe what “akasha” and its records are all about (see the term “noosphere” and perform of Vladimir Vernadsky who was certainly one of the founders of geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and radiogeology).

The worldview that most scientists hold currently is mostly concentrated on the matter-based level of consciousness and limits their ability to see the whole picture of your energy-informational globe around us. Perception is our reality and provided that the majority of human minds limits their worldview regarding the universe towards the matter, we are going to not be able to evolve further. It seems that people contemplate some thing to be magic or extrasensory ability till it can be explained by a scientist or a person who has authority.

“There are much more points in heaven and earth, Horatio Than are dreamt of inside your philosophy.” - Hamlet, Shakespeare.

In line with the energy-informational model in the world that's utilized in the new spiritual science Infosomatics, akashic records could be explained through the mental physique of someone. Infosomatic model on the world explains levels of consciousness and human bodies on the greater levels of consciousness: the human aura, astral, mental, causal and other bodies of higher consciousness. The visual model gives a approach to describe the operate of such phenomena as akashic records and human memory. It also gives grounds for specific tactics which can be made use of to help folks eradicate the subconsciously controlling anxiety. In order to recognize what akashic records are about we really need to take into account the human energy shell or the human aura (see “How Human Aura Power Field is Produced and What Keeps it in Balance”. It is frequently accepted that a human aura has seven chakras or power centers (see “7 Insights Everybody Ought to Know About Chakras” and “Physics of Seven Chakras and How you can Balance all 7 Chakras Correctly”).

They are mostly responsible for supplying human body systems and organs with energy and information and facts which can be vital for their survival. The current state with the energy flow within the human aura is often analyzed by particular devices (e.g. Korotkov’s GDV camera) together with by people today who acquire or are born using the ability to see the colour spectrum of your human power shell. For a person to be capable to analyze the state of your power flow in the past we have to add the idea of time for you to the egg-shaped model of the human energy shell or the human aura. As a result, for an outside observer, the human aura may be perceived as a set of energy-informational particles which are moving in space and time with terminal speed “C”. If an object is moving in space and time, it is going to shed its volume towards the direction of its manifestational axis. The human aura will appear like a disk rather of a sphere. The sequence of disks would hold all the info concerning the person’s state of energy at a particular point of space and time. Those disks are what creates the mental body of a person and answers the query - “What will be the akashic records?” (see the video and also the photos beneath).

The picture above gives a visual model of a mental physique and what a human life around the energy-informational level is. At the time when we are born we receive a certain prospective or maybe a tool box of qualities (see “How Knowing Your Cosmic Address Can assist to Realize Your Potential) that we use to make our life not merely around the material level but in addition around the levels of larger consciousness. The shape on the mental body (or your personal akashic record) characterizes the experiences that you have had and shows the top quality of one's energy at a specific point in life. For those who have knowledgeable a particular stressful predicament in the past (bumps and holes on the surface of the mental physique) and it was not resolved, then with time it may turn into a subconsciously controlling strain which will possess a damaging effect on the energy you receive from your greater self now. Undischarged pressure in your mental body can result in issues not just inside the way you assume but can eventually lead to sickness of your physical physique.

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You will find certain Infosomatic methods that may assistance you access akashic records and provide you with answers to exactly where the accurate causes of your troubles lie and what visualization tactics (e.g. “Powerful Visualization Meditation Technique - DNA Tree of Energy Flow“) could be further applied to do away with the negative impact from subconsciously controlling anxiety. After the methods are properly carried out and the anxiety is discharged, the individual gets back each of the power that she or he lost previously, which offers a certain energy increase for any person these days. NLP practitioners generally use a comparable strategy once they ask a client to remember the time once they had been a kid within a stressful scenario. A grown up client then ought to visualize him or herself talking to their self as a youngster and explaining that every thing is going to turn out just fine. Nonetheless, in most cases when people feel lack of energy now (or around the verge of turning into an energy vampire “5 Indicators of an Energy Vampire”) they turn to an outdoors sources of power. On the other hand, the reality frequently lies inside the fact that to have additional energy all they have to accomplish would be to clean up their very own “akashic records”. Taking responsibility for your own actions previously and cleaning following yourself is frequently far more successful than energy healing or balancing your very own chakra energy flow. The reality still remains - our thoughts such as our subconscious mind is extremely reluctant to change. Nature often offers us an opportunity to develop, modify and evolve via challenges and stressful scenario. We just ought to ensure that the tension in the previous doesn't accumulate with time. Nature did intend for us to become content, we just need to see what is in the way of our dreams and learn the best way to remove it.

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